Ipsos Highlights 2014

Logo_Ipsos_40yrs_final2014 was a pivotal year, the last in a 15-year cycle which enabled Ipsos to become a major player in its industry and to act as such across all regions of the world, based on its 16,000 employees and 5,000 clients.

Launched in mid-2014, the ambition of the New Way project is already reflected in the definition of some ten «new services» which we have identified and planned for their development and marketing. Its purpose is to help put Ipsos back on the path to profitable, sustained growth. This ambition is also reflected in a daring promise, expressed in Ipsos’ new tag line, «Game Changers», and in the determination to mobilise all our people and resources for change in order to support our clients in their own transformation strategies.

Every day, we put these into practice a little more, in line with our values, and bearing in mind the four performance criteria for our services that must structure our mission and underpin daily dealings with our clients. In other words: Our services need to provide to our clients the best possible level of Security, Simplicity, Speed and Substance.

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