Technology Gives Families More Opportunities to Connect

In a recent research conducted by Ipsos Millennials, Kids & Family Center of Excellence, it is also found that technology indeed gives families more opportunities to connect. 益普索(Ipsos)的千禧世代、兒童及家庭卓越中心(Millennials, Kids & Family Center of Excellence)從最近在美國執行的研究中也有同樣發現,科技其實帶給家庭更多彼此分享的機會!

Ipsos Taiwan: The 6 Behavioral Science Principles that Make and Break Innovation In Technology, Durables, Services And Other NON-CPG Market

Psychologists or behavioral economists are wont to show How we frame our options, form impressions and construct preferences before we “secede” or choose, all of which run on auto-pilot rather than ‘full-on” reasoning processes in many instances.

Creating Travel Partnerships with your Customers

There can be no doubt that the travel industry is embracing mobile technology, finding new ways to help customers and elevate the travel experience.

India’s Mobile phone Market

India is home to one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in terms of penetration thanks to tectonic shifts which have taken place within the market over the past decade.

Smartphones continue to transform our lives

The rise of smartphones has transformed lives globally. Specifically in Hong Kong, 77% of consumers never leave home without their smartphone.