Acceptance of Homosexuality in Taiwan

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos in Taiwan, about half of Taiwanese think homosexuality is morally acceptable, while only about 20% of Taiwanese think it is not. 在台灣,有近五成的人認為同性戀在道德上是可以被接受的,約兩成的人認為在道德上不可以被接受。另外有近三成認為同性戀無關乎道德。

Where Discussion about Pokemon GO Happens

Do you know how many people are like you, striving on becoming a Master of Pokemon Go? Ipsos uses Social Listening technique to analyze the discussion on the Internet, understanding how it went viral and became the most discussed mobile game.你知道有多少人跟你一樣正在努力成為寶可夢大師嗎?Ipsos利用Social Listening的技術爬取社群網路資料,經過專業分析,探討寶可夢Pokemon GO如何在網路上成為話題中心,瞭解寶可夢魅力究竟為何能坐穩手遊界當紅炸子雞的寶座。