Ipsos Malaysia Event: Unlocking Retail & Shopper Potential in your local markets

Join us on a two-hour interactive discussion on Unlocking Retail & Shopper Potential in your local markets. Take this opportunity to quiz our experts, during the event or over lunch after, on how to optimize your retail business and shopper purchase!

Ensuring shelf stand out in a crowded market

In store, our branding and packaging are the biggest part of communicating our intentions.
However as choices are made so quickly and instinctively, we need to learn the most effective way of communicating a message; It could be that when our efforts are designed to educate or inform – in essence, to deliberate – we become less effective unless our primary goal is to alter the intended behavior of shoppers.

Ipsos Thailand: Ipsos Retail Lab Tour Invitation

The Ipsos Retail Lab is a mocked-up store that provides a facility for our clients to carry out tests in “close to store” conditions.