Looking Back On 40 Years Of Retail – Top Tips For The Future!

This article looks at how the retail landscape has changed – and what the future has in store. 在過去四十多年來益普索也伴隨著消費者及品牌們一起經歷零售業的改變及成長。在這邊我們將分享過去四十年來所觀察到零售商的變化,以及未來的發展趨勢。

Four Steps to A Smoother Customer Journey

To create a better customer journey, you must first understand its importance. The stark reality is that two thirds of customers are less likely to shop in a retail environment if they have problems with their shopping experience. With the high street still hugely competitive, that is one figure that should be taken seriously. However, the good news is that there are four simple steps to help you when it comes to assisting your customers more effectively.

Retail Top Tips: Talking to the Customer

Talking to your customers isn’t just basic good customer service – it is essential if you want to optimize sales. 和顧客對話不只是一般基本的顧客服務,它也是能讓銷售數字更漂亮的重要一環。

How to Calculate your Store’s Conversion Rate

In-store retail analytics are increasingly giving business owners crucial insight into what’s happening in their own stores.