High Definition Customers – A Powerful segmentation

Just like the best films, data can tell a story too – you just need to know where to look. Through marketing segmentation, we have a higher definition of customers
數據資料也能像一部好電影,帶給我們有深度的故事 – 只要我們知道如何分析它。透過市場區隔,將帶給你更清晰的消費者樣貌

Musings on Marketing to “the Grey Economy”

Ipsos found out the high ground in the swelling tide of the “grey economy”. While the specific learnings are not necessarily applicable across differing industries, a golden rule has emerged that harkens back to Renard’s immortal quote: “It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”

Musings on Marketing to the Grey Economy

Taiwan’s population aging index gas reached 95%. Elderly people have higher consumption power than younger people. After a bunch of researches, we generalized a golden principle: tell them how they can live as if they were still young.

The Many Faces of Modern Motherhood

Successful marketing and advertising to mums is constantly hindered by brand focussed research, mundane pointless segmentation studies, simplistic assumptions and generic insights. All of which lead to an inaccurate representation of motherhood. Ipsos Connect recently partnered with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to produce some innovative research for the annual Mumsnet conference Mumstock. We found there was a huge raft of identities which mums said defined their outlook and behaviour giving us an insight into how much the ‘universalistic’ understanding of motherhood has dissipated to be replaced with a ‘particularised’ definition of motherhood in the UK.

The Value of Emotional Advertising

Before you start asking whether you truly have an ‘emotional’ campaign, you will possibly save yourself some time by agreeing what you are talking about. Do you mean ‘system 1’ or ‘system 2’, engagement, valance, resonance, physiological reactions, emotional priming or emotional brand building, or all of the above?

Customization Is (and Needs to Be) Everywhere

Those of us who have studied marketing in school and have worked in the industry tend to be a bit cynical about some of the gimmicks and ploys companies use to encourage us to buy their products and services.

The Most Common Innovation Mistake to Avoid

One of my favorite questions to ask clients is, “What does the term ‘innovation’ mean to your organization?”

Taiwan: Simple, Better – Making real time the right time

Real time marketing can play an important role: the right content at the right point on the purchase journey. 品牌的目標是在對的時間傳達對的內容給對的消費者,即時行銷扮演絕對重要的關鍵,在此易普索提出即時行銷的多種實踐方法及應該操作時應注意的地方。

The Top 10 Issues for Marketing in Connected Life

No matter how early in your day that you read this, you’ve added to your digital shadow. To say that our modern lives are defined by the interconnectedness of data and people is like saying we’re all connected by the air that we breathe.

Rising Marketing Sector in China

The year of 2013 is now in the past. As for the marketing and communications sector, it was an eventful year with numerous opportunities presenting themselves.