Looking Back On 40 Years Of Retail – Top Tips For The Future!

This article looks at how the retail landscape has changed – and what the future has in store. 在過去四十多年來益普索也伴隨著消費者及品牌們一起經歷零售業的改變及成長。在這邊我們將分享過去四十年來所觀察到零售商的變化,以及未來的發展趨勢。

Where Discussion about Pokemon GO Happens

Do you know how many people are like you, striving on becoming a Master of Pokemon Go? Ipsos uses Social Listening technique to analyze the discussion on the Internet, understanding how it went viral and became the most discussed mobile game.你知道有多少人跟你一樣正在努力成為寶可夢大師嗎?Ipsos利用Social Listening的技術爬取社群網路資料,經過專業分析,探討寶可夢Pokemon GO如何在網路上成為話題中心,瞭解寶可夢魅力究竟為何能坐穩手遊界當紅炸子雞的寶座。

Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™) Methodology at Ipsos

Implicit Reaction Time is a well-established methodology that is used internationally by academia and market research alike to determine the unconscious strength of associations. It relies upon the measured response time to questions of association in milliseconds. 隱式反應時間(Implicit Reaction Time),是一個已經在國際學術及市場研究上已發展成熟、用來測量受訪者潛意識與受測物間聯結強度的研究方法。益普所以毫秒的單位計算受訪者回答問題的時間,來測量問題本身與受訪者之間的聯結程度。

Russia: Review of State Statistics and Consumer TrendsReview of State Statistics and Consumer Trends

In this review of state statistics and consumer trends, Synovate Comcon provides an overview of Russia’s current social and economic situation.

The 5 key issues facing women working in the G20

We put the question to more than 9,500 women across the G20 countries in a survey conducted by international pollster Ipsos MORI. We found that work-life balance is the issue that concerns women most.

India’s Handset Market – A Wealth of Opportunity

India is home to one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in terms of penetration thanks to tectonic shifts which have taken place over the past decade.

Bad Service in Singapore

In a recent poll conducted by Ipsos Singapore and SSI to measure the prevalence of bad service in Singapore, 2 out of 3 Singapore residents experienced at least one occasion of dissatisfactory service in the past 6 months.

MA Blog: Technology is just better than us at some things

Tony Patrick, Research Director at Ipsos NZ, shares his thoughts on the Marketing Association Blog about why he thinks technology in market research sometimes is just better than us.

Using Mobile to Understand Consumers

Using mobile to understand consumers 35% of the Malaysian population owns a smartphone, with over half of these people accessing the internet from their device every day (Our Mobile Planet: Malaysia. Ipsos 2013).

Ensuring Shelf Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Deliberating” and “choosing” are two separate processes… Deliberating invokes a “deliberative mind-set”, allowing us to identify a need and consider various options, and Choosing invokes an “implemental mindset”