Ethnography: An Unfiltered View of Reality

Ethnography was originally used as a method to understand tribes or cultures in distant lands, now it helps our clients identify previously unseen opportunities through looking at people’s worlds in a new way, through putting behaviour at the heart of our investigation.


When can ethno+graphy help clients?

Empathy is key to business innovation

Innovation is key to a business’s ongoing success. But many are not certain about how to make innovation happen. As an ethnographer I believe that innovation starts with empathy, which is critical for developing a deep connection to the customer.

Growing global middle class: Redefining what Premium means

Since 2001, an additional 400 million workers have joined the ranks of the middle- class. Beneath the top-line figures are significant shifts in consumption dynamics, which we have been tracking since 2005 using a combination of questionnaires and in-depth interviews to create a detailed portrait by income level, age profile, geographic location, and shopping behavior.