Ipsos Industry Presentation Invite: Understanding the IT-BPM Employees – An Ipsos Exploratory Study

An event to understand IT-BPM employees, the process they went through, their satisfaction and dissatisfaction at work, challenges and triumphs at work.

The Power of Employer Branding

With unemployment rates in most APAC countries under 5%, employees’ confidence in their ability to easily find another job is predictably high.

The people side of Change

A Google search for ‘change management’ leads to 1.2 billion results (certainly more when you read this). ‘Human resources management’ to only 415 million entries. This tends to indicate that the most critical portion of change, the human side, is vastly overlooked.

Underestimating the challenges inherent to managing complex employee reactions to change can actually sink an organization. And these reactions can be quite confusing: Why do staff focus on issues such as working conditions in turbulent times? How can staff show high professional satisfaction and engagement in the midst of a major shift, when the future of the organization is at risk?