Share of Wallet – the Ultimate Indicator of Customer Loyalty

Ipsos Loyalty found share of wallet is the ultimate indicator of with customer loyalty. 滿意度、淨推薦值其實與影響顧客忠誠度的致勝關鍵沒有太大的關係,要了解顧客對企業是否忠誠,最重要的是要去挖掘他的錢包分配(share of wallet)!

Effectively Managing Customers’ Experiences through EFM

Enterprise Feedback Management significantly benefits customer-facing organizations. It helps the corporate to manage effectively their customers’ experiences. EFM是企業端管理顧客意見的系統,透過即時接收並即刻分析顧客回應,幫助企業有效顧客經驗管理。

Ipsos HK Seminar – Enterprise Feedback Management in Action

Our Enterprise Feedback Management Solution (EFM) is a comprehensive and proven approach to measuring, modeling and managing customer experiences one by one, aggregated over massive global enterprises, and across time.

Bad Service in Singapore

In a recent poll conducted by Ipsos Singapore and SSI to measure the prevalence of bad service in Singapore, 2 out of 3 Singapore residents experienced at least one occasion of dissatisfactory service in the past 6 months.

Customers Receiving Attention from Service Providers and Feeling Valued

There is a link between customers receiving attention from service providers and feeling valued, according to a new study from Verint Systems based on an Ipsos survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers that explored customer satisfaction and engagement experiences among service providers and brands.

Taiwan: No fear of economic distress

No fear for an economic distress, No change of spending behavior for rich.

Video: What is ViewsCast?

Richard Korn, APAC Director for ViewsCast, tells more about Ipsos’ Voice of the Customer solution.

American Apparel Brands Craze in Hong kong

Since American traders moved to Hong Kong in 1842 following the First Opium War, American brands have proliferated to include Levi’s, Calvin Klein, GAP and DKNY. The enthusiasm for American apparel brands has continued with American Eagle Outfitters and 7 for all Mankind entering the market in recent years.

Customer Loyalty in the travel and leisure industry

Ipsos Loyalty Executive Director Simon Tye, speaking at the Ipsos India Annual conference, on how Customer Loyalty can be the key business driver for the travel and leisure industry.

Ipsos Hong Kong appoints Bertrand Ternat to strengthen its Luxury team in Hong Kong and APAC

Market Research leader Ipsos announces the nomination of Bertrand Ternat to join its rapidly expanding Luxury practice in Hong Kong.