Ethnography: An Unfiltered View of Reality

Ethnography was originally used as a method to understand tribes or cultures in distant lands, now it helps our clients identify previously unseen opportunities through looking at people’s worlds in a new way, through putting behaviour at the heart of our investigation.

Four Steps to A Smoother Customer Journey

To create a better customer journey, you must first understand its importance. The stark reality is that two thirds of customers are less likely to shop in a retail environment if they have problems with their shopping experience. With the high street still hugely competitive, that is one figure that should be taken seriously. However, the good news is that there are four simple steps to help you when it comes to assisting your customers more effectively.

Shaping of Digital Financial Service Trend From The Needs of Taiwanese Consumers

Although mobile payment technology has matured and developed practical business solutions, only 25% of Taiwanese consumers are using non-cash payments according to the statistics. Why are Taiwanese consumers reluctant to change their payment behaviors?

Top 5 Reasons To Know What’s Happening In Your Store

It can be easy to lose sight as to why in store analytics are so important to your store decision making. We list the Top 5 reasons to know what’s happening in your store.. 當我們在做店面相關決策的時候,店內分析(In-Store Analytics)的重要性總是很容易被忽略。益普索列出五點理由讓你知道,為什麼了解店內分析,以及了解來店家拜訪的顧客行為是如此重要。

Musings on Marketing to “the Grey Economy”

Ipsos found out the high ground in the swelling tide of the “grey economy”. While the specific learnings are not necessarily applicable across differing industries, a golden rule has emerged that harkens back to Renard’s immortal quote: “It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”

Musings on Marketing to the Grey Economy

Taiwan’s population aging index gas reached 95%. Elderly people have higher consumption power than younger people. After a bunch of researches, we generalized a golden principle: tell them how they can live as if they were still young.

You’ve Been Served: The Rise of Meals by Mail

While trends turn away from traditional “convenience foods” toward more natural options, consumers have less time than ever.

Unfreezing Consumers to Heat Up New Product Sales!

Companies have long assumed that if they build a better mousetrap and effectively communicate the benefits, consumers will come.

The Evolution of Homemade

People spent hours chopping, peeling, slicing, and preparing meals, appetizers, snacks, and desserts. When I was a kid, carrots grown from our own garden were a favorite snack.

How Consumers Consume Concepts?

Ipsos InnoQuest leveraged eye tracking to understand how consumers read concepts and discuss the implications for when the marketer write product concepts. 易普索InnoQuest透過眼球追蹤(eye tracking)的方式帶您深入瞭解消費者閱讀產品概念的歷程,從中點出消費者與行銷人員對產品概念的閱讀差距。