ASEAN Automotive–Huge Potential

Over the past decade many OEMs had strategies that focused on emerging markets that had obvious growth potential, notably China, India and Brazil. As they review their growth strategies, the case for investment in one of the world’s most dynamic automotive clusters – ASEAN – becomes most compelling.
過去幾十年,汽車產業OEM(原始設備製造商)都將策略著重在擁有大量人口及明顯成長潛力的市場,比如說中國、印度及巴西等等,但近年世界各地的傳統汽車產業業績持續停滯或下滑,反倒是東協等國之發展逐漸引人注目。Ipsos Business Consulting針對東協幾個在汽車產業上具有相當潛力且活躍的新興國家市場提出預測及分析。