Client Seminar – Engaging with Today’s Automotive Consumers in a Digital Age

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Engaging with Today‘s Automotive Consumers in a Digital Age

While the auto industry in Asia is in a rather good shape -despite economic woes in Europe – and cars remain a high involvement category, the car trade is currently confronted by more demanding consumers as well as increasing competition.

Ipsos conducted a seminar on 15 Nov to explain the new ways of understanding, and engaging with, today’s empowered consumers in the automotive market.

Our first speaker, Klaus Paur – Global Head of Automotive at Ipsos, discussed the ways in which these empowered consumers have changed the automotive market, namely:

–          A shift in attitudes
and expectations towards cars
–          A  sophistication of vehicle offers
–          The digital world

Klaus explained why, in a complex market with in many cases comparable product technology, points of sales and service play a most critical role within the consumer purchase journey, and can achieve distinction from competitors. Experience the Voice of the Customer!

Our second speaker, Ben Llewellyn, is Global Director for ViewsCast,  Ipsos’ automatic customer feedback system.

Ben explained how ViewsCast, by focusing on the bottom line, helps car dealers draw out actionable insights throughout the Sales and Service Process, to improve Customer Loyalty and Operational Efficiency. 

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