Ipsos Research & Methodologies


Ipsos operates one of the largest data collection and processing facilities in the UK, operating across four sites. Working closely with our Research Specialisms with Ipsos Hong Kong operates one of the largest data collection and processing facilities in Hong Kong. Working closely with our Research Specializations, we provide a tailored service according to the requirements of each client and each project. Our services cover all data collection methodologies, processing and delivery, and are supported by a specialist statistical sampling unit and a software development team specialising in developing bespoke solutions for clients


We deliver you innovative, qualitative and quantitative research, tailored solutions and hosting infrastructure strong enough to meet the most complex online needs


We have almost 150 CATI seats in two custom-built, advanced telephone research facilities with teams skilled at engaging with business people and general public.

Face to Face

We have the largest face-to-face interviewing team in the UK. Our interviewers speak to thousands of people in person, every day. Our data collection team has been using iPads for intercept interviewing for several years, and can conduct multi-market iPad interviewing as well.

Social Spaces

Social listening gathers insights to what’s being said about topics and brands online. Mobile research gives you a unique and unimpeded view of immediate life context. Journey and social spaces gives you new understanding of the ecosystem influencing people’s choices. Neuroscience helps you understand the role of emotions in the consumer decision making process.

Direct Services

We offer fast, cost-effective, high quality research solutions for clients who don’t want a branded research or full-service solution.


Our skilled and experienced teams design and manage global studies around the world, across research methodologies.

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