Ipsos Observer

street_233pxIpsos Observer is a worldwide strategic business line that employs consistent methods, new approaches as well as shared expertise around the globe. We specialize in Survey Management, Data Collection and Delivery across all sectors for clients who need field and tab style research to support their business.

Our Approach

We are committed to quality, expertise, integrity and value for money. We back this up by measuring client satisfaction for all projects. Ipsos leads the way in 3 industry standards: the first ever to sign up the entire organization to the MRS Code of Conduct, ISO 20253 as early as 2006 and ISO 27001.

Social Spaces

We employ iPads for F2F interviewing, social listening and mobile to track consumers where they are, neuroscience to help identify deeper emotional drivers in the consumer decision making process.


The team in Ipsos HK are dedicated research professionals who deliver high quality data in an easy to use format, managing multi-market studies around the world.

Face to Face

We have the largest face-to-face interviewing team in Hong Kong. Our interviewers speak to thousands of people every day. Our collection team has been using iPads for intercept interviewing for several years, and can conduct multi-market interviewing as well.


Ipsos Research & Methodologies

With over 100+ CATI lines, our team delivers online, face to face, social listening as well as qualitative groups and in-depth interviews. We offer fast, cost-effective, high quality research solutions direct to you.

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