M3: Mobile Measurement & Motivation

Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way we communicate access content and share information.The constantly increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets represents a revolution for the market research industry. This allows us to harness the powerful data collection functionality of smartphones and tablets, to provide a much deeper understanding of behaviour available in real time and via a whole host of different research mechanisms.

What is passive measurement?

In contrast to active measurement methods, which are based on respondents’ ability to recall, passive measurement methods record behaviour in real-time with little or no effort on behalf of the respondent.

More than 50 key meters available

M3is very simple to use: respondents first give authorisation to download the app, which will then seamlessly record all of the respondents’ interactions with their smartphone. The system can be switched off at any time. M3 measures all forms of usage of all major smartphone and tablet operating systems (Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Symbian), including: