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young-people233pxA collaborative team of unique individuals who share a passion for Bringing Life to life. Ipsos UU is founded on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and built for change.

Who We Are

Bringing Life to life is about understanding the world and evaluating the culture around us in an ever evolving landscape.

Our Approach

We are the world’s leading qualitative community, with curious, qualitative research experts in over 80 countries, offering excellence in project management, execution and delivery..


Ethnography is a branch of Anthropology. It is a research design which emphasizes on observational techniques. This method helps us to put consumer behavior back into their cultural and social contexts to translate their daily life into business insights.

Our Clients

We bet you will interact today with something we have researched – and made better.

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In-Depth Traveller Study

Latest Thinking

We already know all about the consumer’s real self – now we are interested in the parallels between people’s projected self and their digital self.

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