mic_233pxEthnography is a branch of Anthropology. It is a research design which emphasizes on observational techniques. This method helps us to put consumer behavior back into their cultural and social contexts to translate their daily life into business insights.

People create meanings around products and services all the time. The goal for ethnography is to express insights induced from the participants’ point of view. Instead of interpreting their behavior, we seek to know how they make sense of things; to discover what is meaningful (consciously or unconsciously) to the participants in their particular  sphere of culture. And so doing foster the development of new products and services.

In Asia’s fast growing markets, consumers confront different new products from around the world every day. Ethnography enlightens us about how consumers interact among people, products and services; about how this happens, where cultural rituals occur, and how  meanings emerge. It helps business to better adapt to the fast-changing world.

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