Mystery Shopping


Mystery Shopping is about more than just performance measurement. It’s about getting fast and fresh results into a business to drive discovery and service improvement – across all customer touchpoints. The Ipsos Loyalty approach comprises…

Ipsos has the right people, platforms, pricing and processes to deliver quality, consistent and insightful Mystery Shopping anywhere on the planet for both tactical and strategic applications.


Better Design

  • Our Ideal Customer Experience™ (ICE) solution maps out each part of a customer journey – the good and bad – so that businesses can manage the experience and not the numbers.
  • Our research teams develop sampling plans using our Shoptimization™ approach; this often reduces costs, yet sacrifces nothing in terms of reliability or usability of results.

Better Execution

  • Operations: we layer mobile technology – which includes the ability to geo-tag, take photos, record video and upload information instantly – over a foundation of operational excellence.
  • Shoppers: we’re experts in training, managing, compensating & retaining the most sought-after shoppers in the industry.

Better Impact

  • Online, real-time results: real-time results are presented in a sophisticated dashboard environment which allows any level of stakeholder to quickly explore and act on results.
  • Integrated insights: we can integrate mystery shop, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and other data streams into our web reporting platform.
  • Built in ownership: Ipsos Hot Alerts and Action Planning ensure everyone pays attention and is accountable for correcting performance gaps.
  • Fair data: Ipsos FairScore™ ensures locations are compared and ranked accurately and that staff are rewarded and recognised appropriately.

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Eddie Parada
Research Director of Mystery Shopping
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