mediacellMediaCell provides passive audience and media measurement at an affordable price.  It harnesses technology to enable clients to understand their consumers, whether in terms of their cross media consumption or exposure to advertising.

It is a passive technology application which fits inside everyday consumer devices like Smartphones or Tablets transforming them into powerful meters. This approach keeps the panellist at the core of our measurement solutions, recognising the importance of using measurement tools that are already part of consumers’ lives.

We use software based methods which therefore makes electronic measurement affordable and scalable. For Smartphones, MediaCell can be self-installed on panellists’ own devices.  All they need to do is carry a device that they already own and carry every day. The Tablet version transforms affordable consumer tablets into peoplemeters which harness the power of leading edge computing technology and already fit comfortably within the household landscape.

The opportunities are many. Its affordability, passive nature and scalability mean that it can fit into many research or other commercial designs.