Facial Coding

facial_codingWhen an emotional response occurs within the brain in response to a visual stimulus, it can trigger minute changes in facial expression. Facial Coding allows brands to understand consumers’ non-conscious reactions and emotions. At Ipsos Connect we use Facial Coding to understand the nature of emotional response to advertising, and the way this varies and builds as an ad progresses.


Using webcams, we can record facial expressions and run them through sophisticated software to code and classify the responses into specific emotions, on a second by second basis. The online and webcam based technology is unobtrusive, scalable and executable anywhere an online survey can be conducted.

Facial Coding provides diagnostic and descriptive insights on the whole as well as a scene by scene basis.

  • How emotionally evocative is the ad overall?
  • How effective is the ad at evoking specific emotions from the audience?
  • What is the emotional profile or flow of the ad? Which scenes are most effective at generating positive (or negative) emotion?
  • Whether key parts of an ad are working optimally – e.g. are people positively engaged where the brand or its benefits are presented or implied?

It aids in identifying potential elements of an ad to retain or optimise – in creative development or when seeking to create cut-downs.