Tools & Technology

oct-11Ipsos Connect uses a vast range of advanced tools and technologies to help connect brands with their audiences, across all platforms. We leverage technology to give a full assessment of all influences on your brand including the impact of digital media.




MediaCell provides passive audience and media measurement at an affordable price.  It harnesses technology to enable clients to understand their consumers, whether in terms of their cross media consumption or exposure to advertising. It is a passive technology application which fits inside everyday consumer devices like Smartphones or Tablets transforming them into powerful meters. This […]

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Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way we communicate access content and share information.The constantly increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets represents a revolution for the market research industry. This allows us to harness the powerful data collection functionality of smartphones and tablets, to provide a much deeper understanding of behaviour available in real time […]

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Biometrics Research

When individuals are exposed to any stimulus they experience emotions first, followed by an array of thoughts, feelings and actions – all which are influenced by our initial, subconscious emotions. While these initial emotions are processed below the conscious level, Biometrics can assess their intensity, by measuring the physiological response to advertising, as manifested via: […]

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Facial Coding

When an emotional response occurs within the brain in response to a visual stimulus, it can trigger minute changes in facial expression. Facial Coding allows brands to understand consumers’ non-conscious reactions and emotions. At Ipsos Connect we use Facial Coding to understand the nature of emotional response to advertising, and the way this varies and builds […]

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