ASI: Live


How successful was your Integrated Marketing Program?

Brand communications across touchpoints are not always optimized to work well together. Often entirely different agencies are working on different elements. But in this fragmented, competitive and evolving environment it is more important than ever that brands communicate effectively, efficiently and holistically.

ASI:Live is a valuable future planning tool because it takes a holistic look at your integrated marketing efforts so you can:
• Determine if you achieved your objectives both for the initiative and your brand
• Learn what worked, what did not, and why
• Evaluate the return on your investment
• Apply what you have learned to future campaigns, for improved efficiency and efficacy across:
Product Related Touchpoints
Paid Media Touchpoints
Unpaid Touchpoints
In-Store & Channel Touchpoints
Strategy Target Touchpoints
Brand Associations
Desire / Equity

You will know:

• How consumers perceived and responded to your campaign

• How well all the elements of your campaign fit together
• The contribution of each element of a campaign to the overall result
• If the elements of your campaign were a good fit with your existing brand character
• What you can do to improve your next campaign