ASI: Labs

pretestingIs your creative approach living up to its potential?

ASI:Labs is a flexible early-stage pre-testing tool that combines qualitative insights with quantitative rigor. It was designed to help you optimize your creative, by quickly identifying and fully diagnosing what is and isn’t working with your advertising.

ASI:Labs is especially valuable in providing marketers with timely guidance in:
• Exploring different creative ideas
• Taking a new or bold creative direction
• Regaining effectiveness of ideas that seem to have stopped working
Test before you Invest.
It is possible to save time and money by testing before investing in full up production.

By utilizing deep qualitative insights, informed by proven quantitative measures, ASI:Labs helps marketers make the best decisions for their brands and their budgets, prior to
committing to a big advertising investment.

ASI:Labs is used to assess early creative stages for any form of media