Campaign Development, Tracking & Optimization

oct-22At Ipsos Connect we believe that content and communications research should be fertiliser, not weedkiller, and a force for empowering creativity. We use iterative, flexible approaches to help clients find a big idea that’s universal, founded on human motivations and that can provide the backbone for all paid and owned content.

We use techniques based on our understanding of how the brain works to assess how communications will attract attention, engage consumers and impact the brand. Our unique blend of qualitative and quantitative, supported by appropriate benchmarks, helps you to optimise your communications for success.

ASI: Labs

Is your creative approach living up to its potential? ASI:Labs is a flexible early-stage pre-testing tool that combines qualitative insights with quantitative rigor. It was designed to help you optimize your creative, by quickly identifying and fully diagnosing what is and isn’t working with your advertising. ASI:Labs is especially valuable in providing marketers with timely […]

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ASI: Connect

ASI:Connect is a flexible and sophisticated interactive copy testing tool. From emerging digital media to more traditional forms – you can evaluate individual executions or multiple campaign elements across any platform in markets all around the globe.     Does your ad cut through the clutter and get noticed? Do consumers link this ad to […]

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ASI: Live

How successful was your Integrated Marketing Program? Brand communications across touchpoints are not always optimized to work well together. Often entirely different agencies are working on different elements. But in this fragmented, competitive and evolving environment it is more important than ever that brands communicate effectively, efficiently and holistically. ASI:Live is a valuable future planning […]

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MediaTIPs is a unique and fresh solution designed to help brands allocate their budgets across a wide range of touchpoints. It adds a new dimension to communications planning, in addition to ad pre-testing and in-market tracking of brand health and advertising evaluation. This is about “media consumer research”. It brings a focus on future media […]

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