Ipsos Connect

digital-marketing-technology-media-telecom1In today’s increasingly digital world, where media is becoming more fragmented, Ipsos Connect helps you understand how best to talk with consumers to drive brand growth. Having compelling content and great advertising and communications is what builds brand equity.

Achieving both of these comes from understanding the consumer, their relationship with the brand and role of media in their lives. Ipsos Connect is uniquely placed to help you do this. We understand consumers in the three areas of media, brands and communication and so are uniquely placed to join up the insight from these.

Audience Measurement and Understanding

Ipsos Connect is a pioneer in media audience measurement and understanding. This heritage and experience has allowed us to build unrivalled experience in innovative custom solutions.

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Campaign Development, Tracking & Optimization

At Ipsos Connect we believe that content and communications research should be fertiliser, not weedkiller, and a force for empowering creativity. Our unique blend of qualitative and quantitative, supported by appropriate benchmarks, helps you to optimise your communications for success.

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Tools & Technology

Ipsos Connect uses a vast range of advanced tools and technologies to help connect brands with their audiences, across all platforms. We leverage technology to give a full assessment of all influences on your brand including the impact of digital media.    

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