Sponsorship Within Overall Communications Mix

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Increasingly, big business are looking to partner with large scale event and property owners in the worlds of broadcasting, the arts and sport with a view to telling more engaging and powerful stories about their brands.

Sponsorships of this type do not come cheap, but have the power to enhance a brand’s position around themes about which consumers are passionate, and at a time when they are fully engaged. However, at a time when budgets are under pressure and the media choices available to brands are multiplying, it is critical to know whether your investment in sponsorship is contributing effectively to your brand.

Ipsos ASI’s approach to evaluating sponsorship seeks to understand the role that sponsorship plays in the overall communications mix. Our approach derives the importance of awareness of the sponsorship in delivering against key brand metrics, and how this contributes to the story you are trying to tell.
Our approach can:

• Tell you the impact of sponsorship association on your brand
• Help you understand the shared values and fit between the property and the brand
• Assess the impact of themed communications and content on association and equity
• Help you disentangle the added benefits exclusive media opportunities are generating
• Allow us to make recommendations to improve both creative messaging and supporting media strategy