Social Media

‘Social’ is not just a buzz word. It’s here to stay and we’re only at the beginning of mastering what social is and what it can do. For now, we must become comfortable with being a bit uncomfortable with the world of social.

With something as many-headed and fast-changing as the generic “social media”, it is both inadvisable and impossible to come up with rules to define how brands can best tap into its potential.

But we absolutely believe brands need a social presence to weave into the overall story that they are telling. Conversations are happening about brands everywhere, and brands have an opportunity to make that a dialogue.

Social Listening can help brands understand what is being said and how they are influencing it:

Ipsos social listening helps our clients understand what’s being said – good or bad – to avoid blind spots, advise on opportunities, give warnings about problems, mitigate risk and even to crowd source.

When backed by a solid strategy, social can also give those brand stories ‘twexponential’ power to engage their targets through individuals sharing brand communications. We also help our clients to better understand the Retransmission Potential of their communications through our Next*Connect copy testing tool.

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