Brand Shout

We are putting brand research into the hands of consumers. Mobile is always on, and always on hand, making it an ideal platform to engage and interact with consumers, for your brands’ benefit: to understand consumer-brand interactions by measuring them as they happen. Ipsos ASI’s Brand Shout is real-time, mobile-powered research to reveal how consumers interact with and respond to brand advertising, word of mouth and other brand touchpoints in the moment. Brand Shout is a consumer driven application: it captures a rich understanding of the brand touchpoints that intersect with consumers’ day-to-day lives. Whether you want to understand immediate reaction to each touchpoint, or know how to optimise it, Brand Shout will provide the answers.

Brand Shout provides new insights into how people react, respond and interact with brand touchpoints which can be used to:

How Brand Shout works

Brand Shout is an easy to use mobile application (app) that fits with how consumers currently use mobile devices. Designed to be always on, and to work in areas without 3G or 4G coverage (or WiFi) consumers can download the app for their specific smartphone operating systems (iOS, Android, and Blackberry OS). Over the time span of approximately a week, consumers respond quickly about every brand touchpoint they experience, including digital, in-store, promotions and word of mouth, which enables the collection of holistic feedback to the entire campaign.

What Brand Shout Measures

Regardless of category, from packaged goods, to automobiles, to beverages, to financial services, Brand Shout provides rich insight into:

  • In the moment reaction to ads and experiences before they’re post-rationalised.
  • Response to all touchpoints, including advertising, social media, experiential, and point of sale, as they are experienced.
  • Emotional response to each touchpoint.
  • The motivations that drive purchase in-store, onsite or online – at the very moment those choices are made.
  • The power and influence of word of mouth from peers, sales and on site staff.
  • Competitor context: up to 50 touchpoints for up to 10 brands in one study.