Measuring & Understanding Emotions

Emotions matter. They influence consumer reactions to your brand and they influence the behaviours that follow. In fact, they often determine whether any action follows at all.

At Ipsos ASI we employ a range of approaches to help understand both emotional response and underlying emotional motivations.

In assessing how brands tell their stories, it is not enough to label advertising as “emotional” or “rational”. What’s needed is an objective assessment of whether it makes a difference to the brand.

However, assessing emotional response is a crucial part of understanding why it makes a difference.

Harnessing the power of neuroscience, we use Biometrics to understand the intensity of emotional response to advertising, and the way this varies and builds as an ad progresses.

The Censydiam model helps our clients engage with their consumers at an emotional level by using fundamental human motivations and drivers. Understanding those motivations and drivers can help advertisers identify and tell more effective brand stories.