Our Capabilities

Advertising. At the end of the day it is about one thing: a good story, well told. Sounds simple enough but the truth is – it is tough. Tough to know what to say and tough to know how to say it, where and when so that your messages connect and inspire.

Sponsorship Within Overall Communications Mix

Increasingly, big business are looking to partner with large scale event and property owners in the worlds of broadcasting, the arts and sport with a view to telling more engaging and powerful stories about their brands.

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Optimising Digital & Social Campaigns

Digital and social media are essential parts of the communications mix for most brands. At Ipsos ASI Digital we can help you optimise your digital and social campaigns and determine the best and most effective combinations of media and executions to achieve your goals.

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Connecting with consumers today can be a real challenge. With a proliferation of touchpoints and consumers in control – media placement doesn’t guarantee exposure.

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Measuring & Understanding Emotions

Emotions matter. They influence consumer reactions to your brand and they influence the behaviours that follow. In fact, they often determine whether any action follows at all.

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Social Media

‘Social’ is not just a buzz word. It’s here to stay and we’re only at the beginning of mastering what social is and what it can do. For now, we must become comfortable with being a bit uncomfortable with the world of social.

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We are putting brand research into the hands of consumers. Mobile is always on, and always on hand, making it an ideal platform to engage and interact with consumers, for your brands’ benefit: to understand consumer-brand interactions by measuring them as they happen.

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