In-market Assessment

In today’s increasingly fast moving and fragmented market the need to understand and maximise the value of all aspects of your marketing activity has never been greater.

Brand*Graph, our in-market tracking tool, ensures you have an information system monitoring the market dynamics as and when you need it, with topline learning available quickly.

We don’t just tell you what is happening, we tell you why… and, what to do about it.

At its core, Brand*Graph uses simple yet meaningful brand parameters, proven in validation to have a strong validation with “real world” behaviour. These are combined with advertising performance measures to provide a holistic view on all your campaign activity.It helps to answer questions such as:

  • Is your media plan efficient?
  • Is your creative wearing out?
  • How effective are each of the different media channels?
  • How have different brand parameters evolved as a result?
  • Which consumer groups were most affected?
  • Is anything preventing your activity from being more effective – if so, what?
  • Where do you need to focus your activity moving forwards?

So why use us?

Brand*Graph brings more insight than other approaches to in-market tracking: