Big Idea

A big idea is not an ad. It is not a product concept. It is a maxim that inspires consumers, creative agencies and underpins the success of your brand. Getting it right leads to stronger brand communications by exploring and refining ideas before making creative investments and by transferring learning from this stage to the next to more efficiently guide creative development.

Big Idea from Ipsos ASI quickly assesses the power and scalability of your ideas to ensure you find one that does, in fact, have potential and that works for your brand. We evaluate how well the idea inherently Engages consumers, Connects to the brand, and Activates a campaign.

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Our approach is a collaborative qual/quant process that enables brand teams and agencies to uncover the essence of an idea that:

  • Hinges on a piercing and undeniable consumer insight
  • Becomes the backbone of all communications
  • Enables agencies to push the creative envelope while minimising risk
  • Engages consumers on an emotional level
  • Facilitates creation of media- and culture-neutral communications
  • Remains a powerful campaign over the long term

This is accomplished in one place and one day – with formative input from consumers.