Our Approach

At Ipsos ASI, our purpose is to help you fulfil yours. We do not take for granted the end or the route to get you there. Instead, we work with you to ensure that you communicate the right messages across the right platforms in just the right ways.

Big Idea

Big Idea from Ipsos ASI quickly assesses the power and scalability of your ideas to ensure you find one that does, in fact, have potential and that works for your brand.

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It is a flexible and sophisticated interactive copy testing tool. From emerging digital media to more traditional forms – you can evaluate individual executions or multiple campaign elements across any platform in markets all around the globe.

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Brand Equity and Health

Traditional measures such as purchase intention, preference and overall satisfaction are not good enough as they are limited reflectors of actual behaviour (correlation between these measures and subsequent actions is weak).

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Early Stage Creative Development

Utilising deep qual insights informed by proven quant measures, Next*Adlab helps advertisers make the best decisions for their brands and their budgets prior to committing to a big ad spend.

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In-market Assessment

Brand*Graph, our in-market tracking tool, ensures you have an information system monitoring the market dynamics as and when you need it, with topline learning available quickly.

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