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Fibre-Optic_233pxIpsos in Hong Kong feels the pulse of the fast changing consumer needs in technology and telecom space. Our team of research experts in tech & telco area are well equipped with latest research tools and are excited to be the one to make your business a success in the digital era.

Who We Are

A global team focusing on understanding consumer adoption and behavioral changes around technology and telecommunications as well as delivering solutions that help clients optimise new product launches, adoption, utilization, response to marketing communications as well as sensitivity to pricing and market barriers.


Edmund Leung
Research Director
Email Edmund
Phone +852 2839 0628

Case Studies

The following examples showcase how we work with our Tech & Telco clients across a range of issues to deliver actionable insights.

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Our Tech & Telco Reports

Ipsos Hong Kong has a wealth of published research and thought pieces available on topics related to the Tech & Telco sector. Read our latest findings on subjects such as the economy, consumer confidence and more.

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Our Tech & Telco Solutions

Our specialization model means we have an intimate understanding of all key issues of brands and consumers in the Tech & Telco industry.

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