Our FMCG Solutions



Ipsos InnoQuest is the Ipsos brand dedicated to meet the innovation and forecasting needs of our clients.

  • Concept Testing
    we evaluate concepts using our RED measures – Relevance, Expensiveness and Differentiation. Our R&D over the decades has demonstrated that these measures drive innovation success in market; moreover, they offer specific guidance on how to improve or re-work concepts that may not meet benchmarks but demonstrate the potential to succeed.
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  •  Product Testing
    We offer a suite of solutions to help you develop and optimize your product.
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  • Post-Launch Tracking
    We focus on the whys of your product’s performance and identify consumer motivation with InnoQuest*Tracker.
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Advertising Survey

At Ipsos ASI, our purpose is to help you fulfill yours. We do not take for granted the end or the route to get you there. Instead, we work with you to ensure that you communicate the right messages across the right platforms in just the right ways.
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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is about more than just performance measurement. It’s about getting fast and fresh results into a business to drive discovery and service improvement – across all customer touch points.
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Shop-Alongs are interviews done with pre-recruited shoppers of the relevant target. They perfectly complement the shopper intercepts, uncovering the whys.
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Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing is a fast growing area of marketing as the results offer high Return on Investment with so many decisions made at Point of purchase. Our aim is to help Manufacturer and Retailers sell more through a better understanding of their shoppers behavior.
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Censydiam is a modular suite of tools designed to help clients develop growth strategies for their brands.
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Retail Performance

Ipsos Retail Performance has been at the forefront of people counting and footfall solutions for over two decades since its establishment in 1989. It has become the foremost name in retail monitoring technology, an essential part of improving customer experience and providing essential insights that are key to informing successful retail strategy.
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