Our Cosmetic & Beauty Solutions

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Concept Testing

We evaluate concepts using our RED measures – Relevance, Expensiveness and Differentiation. Our R&D over the decades has demonstrated that these measures drive innovation success in market; moreover, they offer specific guidance on how to improve or re-work concepts that may not meet benchmarks but demonstrate the potential to succeed.
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Product Testing

We offer a suite of solutions to help you develop and optimize your product.
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Post-Launch Tracking

We focus on the whys of your product’s performance and identify consumer motivation with InnoQuest*Tracker.
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Quick Turnaround Qual

What is Quick Turnaround Qual?
Fast – quick set-up and get straight to the point.
Inspiring – deep-dive into the minds of consumers
Flexible – can be customized as stand-alone study or add-on module to other studies
Actionable – targeted harvest of insights to ensure strategic input for actions
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UU Ethno+Graphy

The Ipsos UU Ethno+Graphy App allows researchers to capture photos, videos and notes in the field. It then allows researchers to use this visual data as an integral part of their analysis and reporting.
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Mystery Shopping

To get a complete picture of your network staff compliance to corporate guidelines and business strategy, the solution is: MYSTERY SHOPPING
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Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing is a fast growing area of marketing as the results offer high Return on Investment with so many decisions made at Point of purchase. Our aim is to help Manufacturer and Retailers sell more through a better understanding of their shoppers behavior.
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Wallet Allocation Optimizer (WAO!)

Ipsos Loyalty’s WAO! provides a creative solution which will help marketers build stronger customer relationships leading to greater business success and more sustainable brands.
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Customer Loyalty Measurement

Loyalty Optimizer identifies customers who can be influenced and provides detailed strategies for how to influence them.
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Ideal Customer Experience (ICE)

ICE uncovers customers’ predictive and normative expectations for each interaction and can guide new experience creation and current experience redesigns.
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