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Our specialization model means we have an intimate understanding of all key issues of brands and consumers in the Auto industry.

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The Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence

The Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence with specialist teams in the relevant markets will ensure that our organization is perfectly aligned for a consistent delivery of accurate, innovative, and actionable service to our clients.
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Mystery Shopping

To get a complete picture of your network staff compliance to corporate guidelines and business strategy, the solution is: MYSTERY SHOPPING
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Ipsos Vantis

Vantis has previously tested over 800 concepts in the Automotive Industry. The following are some of the marketing questions that we have answered for our clients in the Automotive Industry.
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Censydiam is a modular suite of solutions which helps you develop growth strategies for your brands. It shows how brands can connect with deeper human motivations to gain true competitive advantage.
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Brand Value Creator (BVC)

BVC is the strongest, most validated measure to reflect business outcomes
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Ipsos ASI – Creating Great Automotive Communications

Ipsos ASI brings together industry expertise and communications specialization leading to improved research solutions and better business outcomes.
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Ipsos Business Consulting Automotive

Ipsos Business Consulting helps companies develop strategies and drive their business under these dynamic and disruptive conditions.
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UU Ethno+Graphy

The Ipsos UU Ethno+Graphy App allows researchers to capture photos, videos and notes in the field. It then allows researchers to use this visual data as an integral part of their analysis and reporting.
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Quick Turnaround Qual

What is Quick Turnaround Qual?
Fast – quick set-up and get straight to the point.
Inspiring – deep-dive into the minds of consumers
Flexible – can be customized as stand-alone study or add-on module to other studies
Actionable – targeted harvest of insights to ensure strategic input for actions
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