China Automotive Report


In 2014, growth in sales of passenger cars in China fell to single-digit levels. First-time car buyers still account for the vast majority, but the proportion of replacement and expansion purchases is continuously rising with the growth in total sales volume. The consumption perceptions of returning consumers, whose needs are changing from simple transportation to diversification and individualization is more mature than that of the first-time buyers. During this process, brand can create culture around a product and make the products more useful in the pursuit of personalization.

In the process of brand promotion, both luxury and mainstream brands are focusing on differentiated brand value output. However, customer acceptance and recognition is the ultimate goal.

Based on this, Ipsos and Autohome have combined to research Autohome users and produce a brand research report, which will allow automotive brands know more about brand status and illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of their brands to effect business growth.

  • An online survey was used in this project to collect brand opinions from users of Autohome and a world-renowned brand research model was used to build a brand competitiveness index. The project aims to offer advice for auto brands when facing China’s market and providing a reference point for consumers.
  • Ipsos Auto, China’s biggest consulting company for the automotive market, and Autohome (research center), China’s biggest vertical auto platform, have joined hands to gain real industry data through online research and provide the most authoritative figures and in-depth market insight.

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China Automotive Report