Corporate Responsibility

Ipsos Corporate Social Responsibility program

In 2008, Ipsos established a Corporate Social Responsibility program.
Since its inception there have been three key strands to our CSR policy, namely:

  • Adhering to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact
  • Measuring and reducing our environmental footprint
  • Measuring and increasing our social/societal impact.

We have addressed these three key elements through a mixture of global and local initiatives.
We have continued to derive benefit and value to the environment, to our local communities, to our employees and to the Ipsos bottom line.
The ‘value’ has been derived in a number of ways.

For the environment it has been through a reduction in our CO2 emissions (by nearly 9% in 2014 in average tonnes of CO2 per head) and by a reduction in waste and an increase in recycling. Both have brought benefit to the environment and a benefit to Ipsos in cost reduction.

The value to the community has been demonstrated, especially on a local basis, through both a growth in volunteering and fund raising. Last year, across the world, we helped 185 different charities. Since 2011, the total value of our volunteering and fund raising efforts has amounted to around €2.7m. When this is added to the total value of our environmental efforts, the total benefit, since 2011, is just over €6.5m.

Ipsos is now further strengthening our social/societal impact with the Group initiative to establish the Ipsos Foundation.The purpose of the Ipsos Foundation is“To educate disadvantaged children and youth worldwide.”

Based in the US and France, the foundation is for the benefit of charities anywhere in the world where Ipsos is active.

Funded with US$600k in 2015, the foundation is open to all Ipsos employees to submit projects for funding consideration.

The first charity nominated is the Mary Faith Children’s Home in Kenya.

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