Zou san, too busy for breakfast?

According to the latest Ipsos global survey among consumers in 26 countries, foods from a wide variety of regions or cultures are now favoured at home – including artisanal or retro food and foreign brands, among others.

Global consumers crave foreign fare and handmade care

Foods from different regions or cultures – as well as artisanal foods – were the top choices among global consumers who were asked to express their interest in a variety of unique food products to be eaten at home.

In the mood for wine: Hong Kong’s new love affair

With a glass of a fullbodied Bordeaux now easier to come by than a cup of a potent baijiu, the Hong Kong wine market has experienced strong growth in recent years.

Top Most Concerns of Asian Parents

Keeping their children healthy and teaching life values of top most concerns among Asian parents

How to Identify Great Ideas Before your Competitors

If you’ve worked in new product development long enough, you’ve probably had to defend soundly researched ideas that didn’t seem very inspirational, but hey, they tested well.

The Brave New World of Digital Healthcare

Success in the increasingly digital world for pharmaceutical companies means not only significantly increasing their investment in digital marketing strategies (including websites, e-marketing, social media and healthcare digital applications and services) but also adopting a different orientation to engage and interact with patients on an unprecedented scale.

Indonesian Version of Happiness

New Ipsos Indonesia survey finds that 91% of Indonesians feel happy (42% very happy and 49% rather happy).

Indonesian Household Economies Improving

A new Ipsos Indonesia survey shows that 46% of Indonesian respondents stated that their economic conditions are better compared to the past several years, while 18% said their economic conditions have declined.