Press Release: 18 September 2014 – Asia Pacific remains a very happy place

The latest study conducted by Ipsos APAC and Toluna, reveals that Asia Pacific remains a highly happy place, with a vast majority of its citizens saying they feel happy or very happy.

Financial Luster in the golden years?

Ipsos Public Affairs releasing the eNation survey conducted in September 2014 show that the average age that working Americans plan to retire is 64 years old. But that age increases to 66 years old when asked when they think they will realistically be able to retire.

Global @dvisor: The Economic Pulse of the World – May 2014

May 2014: Citizens in 25 Countries Assess the Current State of their Country’s Economy for a Total Global Perspective

Ipsos Healthcare Institute: Tracking Healthcare as a Priority Issue

Ipsos Public Affairs has been tracking the top issue concerns of residents across 24 countries since 2010. This report is the first of a bi-annual series that will be provided by the Ipsos Health Policy Institute focusing on “healthcare” as an issue priority.

Australians more concerned about unemployment than ever

Ipsos APAC: April 29, 2014 – Australians cite ‘the economy’ as the most important issue facing the nation, with two in five (41%) rating it as the most important issue facing our country.

Women in society: Global Trends Survey

New data from the soon to be released Ipsos MORI Global Trends Survey, shows that one third (34%) of online adults across 20 countries agree that the role of women in society is to be good mothers and wives.

Key Findings of China’s Middle Class Quality of Life

A healthy middle class is very crucial for social development and is the main force and backbone behind ensuring social stability. To understand the middle class lifestyle and living standards and increase the number of middle class families is an important approach for ensuring social stability and development.

Taiwanese believes the worst will happen, mentally prepared for being hard time in future

Taiwanese believes the worst will happen, mentally prepared for being hard time in future.

Ipsos Mind and Mood Report

For 35 years, the country’s leading organisations have relied on The Ipsos Mind and Mood Report to transform social insights into opportunity, using our unique methodology to capture the values, attitudes and behaviours of Australians.

The Rise of the Vernacular Middle Class

The middle class in Malaysia, which grew rapidly during the early 1990s boom years, are now seen as
the most attractive class for marketers due to their size and their ability to purchase (and appetite
for) consumer goods.