Ipsos/ Google study: Give Smartphone Viewers Ad Choice

Mobile viewers are busy, on the go, and often don’t have much time to pay attention to ads on the small screen. These are some of the long-held beliefs about the mobile consumer, but they might also be myths.

Australia’s Business Elite

Australia’s business leaders saw their salaries fall in 2013 but they maintained an average net worth of $1.7 million and bought more luxury items than the previous year, the annual “Business Elite” survey from research firm Ipsos MediaCT reveals.

2013 Global Economic Pulse Ipsos’ Global Economic Confidence Survey

The overall rating from respondents towards their national economies has remained very stable during the past 12 months. 37% of the respondents gave a “favorable” rating when asked about their own national economies in the past 12 months; the overall rating has only fluctuated by one percentage point and remained within the territory of around 36%-37% since December 2012.

Using mobile to understand consumers

Research conducted by Ipsos, shows that in Malaysia over 50% of the national population own a smartphone valued at less than USD500 (30% over USD500).

The Rural Vietnam Media Landscape

This new Ipsos MediaCT Vietnam study looks at media consumption habits in rural Vietnam, comparing channel consumption between the various regions in the country.

Precise Marketing: More than Finding the Right People

With the rise of the Internet, Precise Marketing has become a marketing catchphrase. Generally it means using all sorts of new media to push marketing information to the audiences in a precise manner. The purpose is to both save marketing cost and maximize marketing effects.

Effective Marketing Integration of Social Media

Each media channel has its own strengths and weaknesses, so learning to capitalize on strengths of these channels and practicing integrated marketing communication is the subject a marketer cannot avoid. In marketing practice, how is the “integration” value reflected?


Companies around the world are increasingly interested in upscale consumers. This growing interest isn’t just among luxury brands, but increasingly extends across many categories and price points. The challenge, however, is a shortage of actionable, reliable information about higher-end consumers on a global scale. When studies are available

Evaluating New Ways to Fund TV Content

Clare Lui, Executive Director – Ipsos MediaCT shared at a recent Ipsos HK Client Seminar result from a new and exclusive Ipsos Study which assesses the Advertiser Sponsored Programming market in Hong Kong, the UK and the USA.

How Hong Kong SMEs are Growing in the Digital Economy

The Internet creates opportunities that make it easier for entrepreneurs to start new businesses, for small businesses to grow, and for all businesses to increase productivity.