Revealing Implicit Brand Drivers

Research has shown now that implicit perceptions can be very different from explicit perceptions and that both types can have an impact on behavior.

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple,” Oscar Wilde famously pointed out. In the audience measurement business a less famous British commentator, Rodney Harris, noted in the 1980s that “Media research is not designed to find out the truth. It is a treaty between interested parties.”

Certainly, if by truth we mean perfection, then audience measurement falls down. There are no perfect audience numbers; all are estimates. Short of interviewing everybody in the population and achieving error-free recall or tracking of behaviour, all measurement systems are imperfect.So we employ statistical techniques to help us. Four stand out: sample weighting, ascription, data fusion and modelling.

How Many Do You Think are Either Overweight or Obese in Your Country?

All countries generally underestimated the proportion of overweight or obese population in their country. Saudi Arabia most significantly underestimated it with the average guess of 28 when the actual figure was 71. Korea’s average guess appeared to be 32 which was equivalent to the actual figure.

What percentage of the population do you think are immigrants in your country?

The country with the highest average estimation was Argentina with 30% while the actual figure was shown to be 5. Korea’s average guess was 11 while the actual figure indicated 3.

The survey was conducted on 25,556 people across 33 countries via the Ipsos Online Panel system from October 1st ~ 16th, 2015 to gauge how accurate people are about key issues and features of the population in their country.

Dead Trees and the Death Narrative (Ipsos Connect)

Publishers are good at creating printed newspapers. They’re not quite so successful online. Should their digital focus be at the expense of what they do well? Read the latest blog by Andrew Green, Global Head of Audience at Ipsos Connect.

Best Ways to Stay Connected and Discover New Things in 2016

If you’re feeling busy or stressed out as 2016 kicks into gear, you’re not alone. New research from Ipsos reveals that while Americans are feeling more connected than ever, they also feel their lives are more demanding and complex, and many are turning to social media as a means of relief. Find out which apps are best for finding inspiration and tackling your various goals in 2016 by reading the full study here:

Consumers and Mobile Payments – The Global Segmentation

The world is becoming ever more mobile and this is having a major impact on the financial services industry. Over the last few years Ipsos has been studying consumers attitudes and usage of mobile payments.

A Pop-up Community as an Integrated Research Platform

At Ipsos we believe in a “people first” approach to research. Our community practice is based on our strong belief that innovation and change come from people and not technology. People (consumers) need to be at the core of the products we develop, just as people (researchers) need not only to create the environment for […]

How to Calculate your Store’s Conversion Rate

In-store retail analytics are increasingly giving business owners crucial insight into what’s happening in their own stores.

Those Crafty (Beer) Millennials!

Millennials seem to be changing everything these days. Their spending power alone gives them the right to dictate what succeeds or bombs miserably in today’s marketplace.

Ipsos Thailand: Usage of syringes in Thailand

With Thai consumers paying more attention to their health, many investors are focused on the Healthcare market in Thailand as part of their growth plans in the Asia Pacific.