Millennials and the Impact of Social Brand Perception

In a recent Ipsos SMX study conducted with 542 millennial consumers, 3 out of 4 reported following official brand or company pages on social media. Ipsos SMX最近另外針對542名千禧世代消費者進行的一次調查研究中,四分之三的消費者稱他們在社群媒體上關注官方品牌或公司的頁面。

Future of TV – The evolution of TV everywhere

A master of reinvention, TV has consistently changed over time to embrace new technology and meet the evolving needs of audiences and consumers. Now, with content that follows you, more seamless interplay between screens, personalisation and deeper levels of immersion, the future of TV looks more exciting than ever. Collaboration with other media will be key, to ensure audiences can continue to be reached with the right content on the right device, in the moments that matter.

Ipsos Hong Kong: Dead Trees and the Death Narrative (Ipsos Connect)

Publishers are good at creating printed newspapers. They’re not quite so successful online. Should their digital focus be at the expense of what they do well? Read the latest blog by Andrew Green, Global Head of Audience at Ipsos Connect.

Perils of Perception 2015: Perceptions are not Reality

We’re delighted to share the latest findings from Perils of Perception 2015. This year we have included new questions on key issues such as obesity, inequality and the proportion of female politicians in each country. The study is also larger than ever with 33 countries taking part for 2015.

The latest briefing from the Reputation Council

Established in 2009, the Reputation Council brings together senior communicators from some of the most respected corporations in the world. Their mission is to increase understanding of the issues and challenges facing communicators in the corporate environment, as well as capturing expert views on key trends, issues and events in the wider world.

Russia: Review of State Statistics and Consumer TrendsReview of State Statistics and Consumer Trends

In this review of state statistics and consumer trends, Synovate Comcon provides an overview of Russia’s current social and economic situation.

Use APP, but at Varied Time

Ipsos works with Beijing Mobile to launch APP product list, when Ipsos offers professional data analysis technology, and Beijing Mobile provides real, comprehensive data aids to explore the development trend, profitability, etc., of APP.

India: Consumed by a Health Wave

India lags behind the world when it comes to the tag of being a ‘healthy’ nation, with healthcare accounting for only 0.9 per cent of national GDP as against 12 per cent by G7 countries.

Ipsos Business Consulting Brochure

Ipsos Business Consulting supports you every step of the way as you build, compete, and grow in various markets around the world. Agribusiness Rapid population growth and increased consumer spending power are creating unprecedented demand for agricultural commodities, while emerging markets like Thailand, China and Brazil are changing the face of global trade in these products. Ipsos Business Consulting helps companies thrive under […]

The CNCBI Cross-border Banking Demand Index

The CNCBI Cross-border Banking Demand Index captures the trends of cross-border demand from mainland companies and individuals for banking services provided by banks in Hong Kong in the next quarter, based on the results of a quarterly survey over mainland companies and individuals conducted by international market research firm Ipsos.