IPSOS Hong Kong: Ad of The Month – Laneige Two Tone Bar

Korean beauty cosmetics and rituals continue to expand and as some may say, have emerged as a full-fledged phenomenon – with many expressing confidence that “K-Beauty” trends are set to grow even further this year. The Laneige Two Tone Bar is a perfect example of this growing trend.

Ipsos Taiwan: Who’s killing creativity now?

Market research has long been accused of killing creativity. Many in the creative world now look back with nostalgia to the days when market research was the point of contention. With so much more data available now and so many exciting applications for it, data and creative are at loggerheads. Data doesn’t kill creativity; people […]

Press Release: Indonesia Driving Closer to Car Production Hub Dream

Strong evidence suggests that Indonesia will eventually replace Thailand to become the main automotive production hub in ASEAN

Ipsos Taiwan: Ipsos BVC

Since the launch of Brand Value Creator (BVC) in 2006, Ipsos Labs has run some 18,000 BVC studies across 150 different categories. Based on this experience, the team has developed Thought Pieces which address real business challenges that our clients face, showcase BVC’s diverse capabilities and demonstrate how BVC can be used to provide insight into our clients’questions.

益普索BVC (Brand Value Creator)自2006年推出之後,益普索研究室已經進行了超過150個領域類別、約18000項BVC研究。經過這些研究經驗,益普索BVC驗證了其跨領域研究的綜合能力,同時也為客戶的問題提供有效的洞察,協助客戶迎接不同類型的商業挑戰。

Malaysia: The Impact of GST (Goods Services Tax)

Over half of Malaysians have been impacted by GST when it comes to their shopping behavior. Malaysia – An Ipsos study conducted among 1,002 Malaysians across states and demographics in peninsular Malaysia, to measure pre and post GST spending.

Telcom: Case Study- Brand Health Monitoring


Self-Storage Development and Investment Opportunities in Greater China

Taiwan shows strong potential to develop a sizable self-storage industry, write Ipsos Business Consulting in Inside Self-Storage International magazine. Driving consumer awareness of the service will be key to the industry expand beyond the current 18 brands operating 75 locations within the capital, Taipei, to other cities in the country. Doing so will help the market will grow by 20% over the next three-to-five years. Get in touch with our self-storage experts at hongkong.bc@ipsos.com

Inspiration by Consumer, Insight from Ipsos

A consumer is not simply a respondent or a quota. Without consumers we have no business model, and no way to measure our observations.

Ipsos Taiwan: What’s Driving Consumer Conversations Online?

The world is changing; there is a new auto consumer – the millennial, and they represent twenty-eight percent of new car sales and shop very differently than those before them. Ninety-five percent shop for cars online, sixty-three percent visit at least two dealerships, and they use social media on average forty-three times a day. Right behind them is GenZ, who is even more connected.
世界在不斷變化;現在有一群新的汽車消費者——千禧一代,他們占新車銷量的百分之二十八,其購物方式與之前的各代人截然不同。他們當中95%的人在網上購買汽車,63%的人至少造訪兩家經銷商店面,他們平均每天使用社群媒體 43次。緊隨其後的是Z世代,他們上網的時間更多。

Taiwan: New Financial Service – Mobile Pay

The world is becoming increasingly digital. And this is arguably impacting the financial services sector more than any other industry. Consumer adoption of the internet and mass adoption of screens and mobile devices of all kinds has been a catalyst for change, and we are now seeing incredible innovation when it comes to mobile money.