Asia’s millennials want to connect with brands

According to Ipsos Business Consulting, Millennials are estimated to consist of about 25 percent of the region’s total population of 134.8 million in ASEAN.

Online Medical Information – How much is it trusted by consumers?

With the proliferation of information on medicine and healthcare on the internet, Ipsos conducted a study to understand what behaviour is exhibited by consumers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan, when it comes to accessing online medical information.

Trending in Financial Services Today

As part of our regular lunch@Ipsos series, we will be looking at consumer trends that are impacting the financial services landscape, including a look at ASEAN’s Millenial generation, a global review on consumer behaviour that are affecting attitudes towards personal finances, and sharing of a few ideas from 30 years of service innovation research.

2014 Launch Invitation: Ipsos Affluent Survey Asia Pacific

Affluent Asia Pacific is the reference survey for reaching the region’s affluent consumers. It provides a comprehensive overview of media consumption and product usage for this elusive and important group, which accounts for the top 18% by income of the population.

Retail Insights in Emerging Markets

What trends are impacting retail in emerging markets today? As part of its regular lunch roundtable series, Ipsos will be looking at trends and past studies on the retail landscape in emerging markets with a special focus on Vietnam.

Ipsos Global Trends 2014

Global Trends Report in which we have used survey findings alongside other sources to highlight ten key trends.

Ipsos MediaCT Launches PLSme!

Ipsos MediaCT today announced the launch of PLSme!, a unique research approach specifically developed for media and content brands to better understand audience behaviour, engagement and monetisation opportunities.

Bad Service in Singapore

In a recent poll conducted by Ipsos Singapore and SSI to measure the prevalence of bad service in Singapore, 2 out of 3 Singapore residents experienced at least one occasion of dissatisfactory service in the past 6 months.

Powering ASEAN’s Growth

Territorial oil disputes, rising fuel prices, nuclear disasters and choking smog levels have brought energy issues sharply into focus in recent years. Opinion polls have highlighted the concerns from all countries about the safety, affordability and sustainable supply of energy.

Join Ipsos InnoQuest at ESOMAR Asia Pacific

Ipsos InnoQuest will be speaking at the upcoming ESOMAR Asia Pacific conference, which will take place May 11th – 13th in Jakarta.