The Top 10 Issues for Marketing in Connected Life

No matter how early in your day that you read this, you’ve added to your digital shadow. To say that our modern lives are defined by the interconnectedness of data and people is like saying we’re all connected by the air that we breathe.

Ipsos New Zealand Event: Knowing Your Market – The Foundation of Effective Content Marketing (Auckland)

Content Marketing, Native Advertising, call it what you will – it’s the biggest conversation in marketing right now, but also has an acute Achilles’ Heel.

NZ Poll: MPs Should Bring Chaos to Order

New Zealanders want MPs who have experience bringing order to chaos – people such as medical doctors, teachers, and police officers.

NZ Poll: Still to be seen if Brand Key Tarnished

It seems that as voters we would much prefer a beer with National leader John Key than his Labour rival David Cunliffe.
In fact, on a series of everyday measures of trust and personal appeal, Key easily out-rates the man who wants to replace him as prime minister.

NZ Poll: All Stops out to Protect ‘Brand Key’

A new poll reveals how much National has to lose if it is tainted by Nicky Hager’s dirty tricks allegations, with its brand clearly resting on voter perceptions of John Key.

NZ Poll: Public Wants Parties to Come Clean

Reflecting on a political campaign featuring a convicted criminal wanted by the FBI and a humourless chap who doubts the moon landings happened, both hurling millions at the election, Massey University’s Grant Duncan has one question: “Should political parties be something rich people can buy and use in the same way they can very fancy sports cars?”

NZ Poll: Norman Wants to Join Leaders’ Debates

Greens co-leader Russel Norman wants to shake the minor party tag once and for all after the latest political poll gave them another seat in parliament.

The Political Poll has National steady on 55.1 per cent, Labour down 2.4 percentage points on 22.5 and the Greens down 1.1 percentage point to 11.3 per cent.

NZ Poll: Farm Sales to Foreigners Worry Kiwis

An overwhelming majority of Kiwis want the Government to clamp down on the sale of farmland to foreign investors.The latest poll suggests three-quarters of voters say it should be made harder for foreign investors to buy large tracts of farmland, while just under a quarter say it should not.

NZ Poll: Voters Will Leave National ‘In Droves’

Labour has plumbed new depths in our latest poll as the election takes an ugly turn after a day rocked by allegations of blackmail, dirty politics and pushing and shoving on the campaign trail.

NZ: MA Blog – How to Climb out of the Rabbit Hole

We have all heard the war stories: contaminated ingredients, manufacturing faults, distribution failures, environmental disasters, and misbehaving staff – could it happen to us? Probably. Sometimes, things don’t go to plan, and you can find yourself as confused as Alice in Wonderland. As Alice discovered, things can change very quickly, but unlike Alice, you can adapt faster if you know what (and what not to do) when trouble strikes.