Global Advisor Health Survey

Ipsos Public Affairs has been tracking the top issue concerns of residents across 24 countries since 2010. This report is the first of a bi-annual series that will be provided by the Ipsos Health Policy Institute focusing on “healthcare” as an issue priority.

Ipsos Global Trends 2014

Global Trends Report in which we have used survey findings alongside other sources to highlight ten key trends.

Ipsos MediaCT Launches PLSme!

Ipsos MediaCT today announced the launch of PLSme!, a unique research approach specifically developed for media and content brands to better understand audience behaviour, engagement and monetisation opportunities.

Global @dvisor: The Economic Pulse of the World – May 2014

May 2014: Citizens in 25 Countries Assess the Current State of their Country’s Economy for a Total Global Perspective

Powering ASEAN’s Growth

Territorial oil disputes, rising fuel prices, nuclear disasters and choking smog levels have brought energy issues sharply into focus in recent years. Opinion polls have highlighted the concerns from all countries about the safety, affordability and sustainable supply of energy.

Indonesia: Woman and Beauty Report

Iwan Murty, Managing Director for Ipsos Indonesia, shares the latest trends on Indonesian Consumer Confidence the main Beauty trends in the country.

Ipsos Indonesia cooperation with APINDO and GAPMMI

Ipsos, the Market Research leader, is making one of its vision a reality, namely to help local businesses better understand the marketing discipline, particularly consumer behavior insight through the right market research.

Indonesian Version of Happiness

New Ipsos Indonesia survey finds that 91% of Indonesians feel happy (42% very happy and 49% rather happy).

Indonesian Household Economies Improving

A new Ipsos Indonesia survey shows that 46% of Indonesian respondents stated that their economic conditions are better compared to the past several years, while 18% said their economic conditions have declined.