IPSOS Hong Kong: Ad of The Month – Laneige Two Tone Bar

Korean beauty cosmetics and rituals continue to expand and as some may say, have emerged as a full-fledged phenomenon – with many expressing confidence that “K-Beauty” trends are set to grow even further this year. The Laneige Two Tone Bar is a perfect example of this growing trend.

Ipsos Hong Kong: Ad of the Month: Mitsubishi Electric’s 惠家仁 “Family Values”

By Mike Underhill Executive Director, Ipsos Connect – Hong Kong Firstly, Mitsubishi need to be congratulated for taking a risk in a category where, in HK, TV advertising has historically been product-driven to the point of being nearly indistinguishable from infomercials. Not only does it do away with explicit mentions of products or features, it […]

Ipsos Hong Kong: Dead Trees and the Death Narrative (Ipsos Connect)

Publishers are good at creating printed newspapers. They’re not quite so successful online. Should their digital focus be at the expense of what they do well? Read the latest blog by Andrew Green, Global Head of Audience at Ipsos Connect.

Ipsos 40th Anniversary Celebration Event in Hong Kong

We would be delighted if you would join us on the event of Thursday 24 September at the Park Lane Hotel to celebrate Ipsos’ 40th anniversary.

How to Calculate your Store’s Conversion Rate

In-store retail analytics are increasingly giving business owners crucial insight into what’s happening in their own stores.

Those Crafty (Beer) Millennials!

Millennials seem to be changing everything these days. Their spending power alone gives them the right to dictate what succeeds or bombs miserably in today’s marketplace.

Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™) Methodology at Ipsos

Are you absolutely certain that your marketing communication is positively impacting your brand perception? That your new products or concepts are meaningfully resonating with consumers?

Your innovation is awesome! Too bad no one will find it online…

You’ve just launched an incredible innovation in salty snacks. It has all the benefits of popcorn, but can be eaten like a chip. It tastes great, and is reasonably healthy. This product looks poised to disrupt the chip aisle, and make millions. But it won’t, because no one will find it.

Building a Differentiated Value Proposition for Pharma Brands with Empirical Emotional Research

Ipsos has developed a powerful approach to defining, measuring and mapping the emotional motivational space of a particular category.

Food Equals Love

At Ipsos, we believe that understanding emotions is vital to fully understanding the consumer.